Monitoring Industrial Tightening

Keep your assembly process under control

Visualization and control of assembly processes with MITIGHT. Ensures proper course of operations and correct tightening sequences.

Can be supplemented by checking screwdriving positions, tool checking, connection to pick to light system and many other functions including insertion of special operations such as manual operations with confirmation button, pressing etc. It enables process control for multiple tools and different manufacturers. INGERSOLL-RAND controlled screwdrivers can work in one assembly process with STAHLWILLE torque wrenches. Password-protected access and tool locking with NOK. Special function buttons: skip screw, step back, reset assembly, change operator.

Torque arm

Simple control of screwdriving positions by detecting the position of the arm.


Control of the correct socket selection and the possibility of connection to the Pick to Light systems.


Clear visualisation of the assembly process.

Control unit

We can connect any controlled tool with the possibility of data control and data collection to the MIT system.


Connect one or more tools into a single procedure.

TISK app

Automatic printing of documents, data search in the database.

Customize the system to your requirements

Simple and intuitive setup and, mainly very easy to creation of the assembly process.

We have been developing the MITIGHT system for almost 10 years and have completed many implementations that have helped us to design the system to meet the vast majority of your requirements and if there is a feature that you cannot do without, we will be happy to prepare custom modifications exactly according to your requirements.

Settings mode

Options for starting digital instructions, serial numbers, etc.
Operator Manager
Complete password and code management
Data management and storage in local or central SQL database
Setting of mounting point colours, texts
Password-protected custom modifications
Calibration mode for quick program selection

New Product Mode

Complete procedure on one page
Enter descriptions for the assembly, sequence and the screw itself
Inserting images
Choosing the colour and size of the screw point
Capture and save positions
Setting the positions in the wrench tray
Program selection for controlled screwdrivers
Program parameter selection for Stahlwille wrenches
Selection of auxiliary images for tool visualisation

MIT Software Benefits

A simple and clear tool for precise control of assembly processes
Quick and clear setup
Simple and intuitive creation of new processes
Every step of assembly under control
Reduce errors to a minimum
Data for each screw
Thanks to the TISK app: quick and easy document search and printing
Our hardware

Modules customized for each of your unique projects.

Together with the MITIGHT software we can offer our wrench trays equipped with two LEDs for each position and BALUFF sensors. Blue LED for guidance, green LED for confirmation. Arms with integrated position sensors. I/O boxes and modules can be customized for each of your unique projects.

For customers

Manage assembly processes at no additional cost.

Are you preparing an assembly project that requires visualization and process control, data storage, and the possibility of flexible process changes? Use the MITIGHT system. You get a complete tool for process control. With no programming knowledge, you can add, change and manage your assembly processes at no additional cost.

For dealers

Working on a project where MITIGHT could be applied?

Are you a tool dealer working on a project where our system could be applied? We have very beneficial conditions for traders. Fill out the form and briefly describe your application and the tools you are considering using, we will be happy to send you a detailed information about the system including terms and conditions.

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For tool manufacturers

Add your tools to our system.

Gain a distinct advantage and add your tools to our MITIGHT system. We will be happy to arrange cooperation and introduce your communication protocols into our system, which is already widely used.

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